The Musings of Peter Wetherill

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This is the website for Peter Chase Wetherill. It is the center of information about the creative happenings in his life.

What will be posted on this site?

Posts will be about a number of different topics such as the writing process, money earned, publishing books and articles, video uploads, and musical activities.

How often will posts be published?

The minimum regular post will be a weekly progress blog. Other posts will fall in between these posts such as important events or achievements, or original articles.

Why should you read and subscribe to this website?

This is a blog about how the creative process works as well as the life of a creative person. The life of a creative person can be strange, but interesting, and reading about this process can inspire other creative people, and advise others on how to develop their own creative process.

This web page is not commercialized.


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