Week Two and Three Earnings Update

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I did not post last week due to time consideration. I am considering only posting every other week to help. I have been busy with family matters such as my son’s fifth birthday. He is a joy and we had a great family celebration. Textbroker has also kept me busy.

I explained in my last post about my writing journey. I am continuing writing for Textbroker but I would like to find another site that pays better. Last week I made a whopping $17.93. This was up from the week before of $17.51. I wrote more articles than the week before but a couple of them did not go through before the pay date. This week was better $23.71 due to the hold overs from the week before. This is common and I have two jobs that I completed from the week before that are waiting to be paid next week.

I am completing the jobs faster now and I hope with equal quality. The editorial team reviews and rates all completed jobs but there is a month delay. None of my latest jobs have been rated yet but should be starting sometime this week. They rate five assignments at a time and base the average of these five to qualify for a promotion to the next level. I am hoping that they will move me from a three star writer to a four star. My rating last August was 17 out of 20 not enough to move up (two four star and three three star ratings). I have 16 texts waiting to be rated. If they do increase my rating, this means a 40% increase in pay and the ability to join writing teams that pay even more. The four star writing assignments are also more plentiful.

My last post I forgot to mention my other muse that is earning some money. I have been posting videos to YouTube that are monetized by Google AdSense. The theme of my posts is “Life in Portugal”. This is the play list:

These videos are from my smartphone so some are a bit rough. At first I had no idea how to edit them but now I am learning. I am using Windows Movie Maker which is quite simple to use but very basic. I have another editor that came with a USB analog to digital video converter but it is much more difficult to use. I have been transferring videos from my camcorder and they look great. The biggest part are from our second honeymoon to Tahiti in 2008. I will have to edit these videos and start another playlist with a title like “Tahitian Paradise Dream Vacation”.  This will probably be more popular than my first list.

The reason that I didn’t mention this is that I have not reached the payment threshold of $100 yet. This doesn’t seem like a big figure but at the rate of pay, it is. My first 1000 views have racked up an incredible $3.75. This has accumulated since January, but now I am receiving more traffic so I hope the next thousand comes quicker. Of course if I keeping adding videos the views will increase. At this time I average about 300 per month. If this rate were to stay the same this is not very profitable. If I receive $3.75 per 1000 views I will need about 27,000 views to reach $100. At 300 views per month that comes out to 90 months or 7 1/2 years before I get to collect!

Some people are getting large amounts of money with YouTube but it is a more than full time job to do this. I barely have time to write a few hours a day. My son loves YouTube and I spy on what he is watching and the views that are registered for the videos he likes. Some videos receive millions of views like the balloon popping dogs, and destroying washing machine videos, that he loves. Our dogs run and hide every time a balloon pops so that is out of the question, and our washing machine cost too much money to destroy! Maybe our Tahiti videos will go viral!


My First Weekly Update

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I have written for a number of sites in the past, and some have gone by the wayside like Yahoo contributor Network (YCN). I discovered this site in January of 2014 after searching for ways to make money online. I decided to give it a try to see how it worked out. They had a school with three levels and you would receive a badge when each level was passed. I completed the first two levels and then wrote my first article. It was sent back for some minor revisions and then accepted. I then finished the third level while writing more articles. After I wrote 26 more articles Yahoo decided the site was not profitable enough and closed it down.

That was a big disappointment for me and thousands of other writers. They kept the forum open on the site for some time after they stopped accepting articles in July. One of my fellow writers suggested writing for a new site called Bubblews. I signed up and learned the ropes quickly. It was different from YCN in that there was no editorial review for the posts and the minimum post was only 400 characters.  Pay was based on views, likes, and comments, for each post.

I did OK for a few months and made the minimum payout of $50 at the end of August. Some writers were having difficulties with the pay system which was a warning sign. I did not receive my first e-check for more than a month after I requested my first payout. I had submitted three more redemption claims over the next two months but received nothing. In December I stopped writing on Bubblews and shortly thereafter they notified the writers that past due redemptions were not going to be paid.

When YCN shut down many writers had the idea to publish their articles with similar themes in e-book format like the Kindle. While writing on Bubblews I started researching this and decided my articles on Resveratrol would make a nice e-book. I began compiling and adding to my articles. My e-book is about finished and I am a bit afraid to pull the trigger. I only need to design a cover and have a final edit and it is ready. Other than that I took a break after Bubblews.

After YCN crashed I also started writing on Textbroker. This site pays for writing assignments from clients such as blog posts and web site content. The have different level of writing based on price and quality between two and five stars. After I submitted my writing sample I was accepted as a three star writer. They are very picky with punctuation and helped me to improve my writing in this area. I wrote ten assignments in August and earned around $50. My last few assignments were rated four stars but I was getting bored with this type of writing. Bubblews was much more fun because I could write whatever I wanted to so, I continued writing there until the bubble popped.

Since I was so discouraged I didn’t write much for the next few months, but did find another site similar to Bubblews called Persona Paper. It seems reputable but the earnings are very slim. I have posted only an introductory post and a post on how sites like Bubblews are in trouble; Why Micro-Blogging Sites Don’t Make Financial Sense . I have earned 100 coins for my two posts. At their current pay rate that come out to 15 cents!

In the past two weeks I started writing for Textbroker again. They pay every Thursday, and for writing four articles I made $17.51, which I received promptly the next day via PayPal. The work can be boring but occasionally I find and interesting assignment. I am hoping my current assignments will be rated higher and I will be promoted to a four star writer. This means more money and a better selection of assignments.

I want to get my book out ASAP but my time is limited which is a subject for another post. I will give an earnings update without all of the background next week after my Textbroker earnings for this week are received. Thanks for reading this long post and please leave a comment to help me get inspired! If you want to receive my next post directly to your e-mail please click the follow button at the top of the page.

The Musings of Peter Wetherill

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This is the website for Peter Chase Wetherill. It is the center of information about the creative happenings in his life.

What will be posted on this site?

Posts will be about a number of different topics such as the writing process, money earned, publishing books and articles, video uploads, and musical activities.

How often will posts be published?

The minimum regular post will be a weekly progress blog. Other posts will fall in between these posts such as important events or achievements, or original articles.

Why should you read and subscribe to this website?

This is a blog about how the creative process works as well as the life of a creative person. The life of a creative person can be strange, but interesting, and reading about this process can inspire other creative people, and advise others on how to develop their own creative process.

This web page is not commercialized.